Thursday, March 1, 2012

outfit posts

So, it is very much my goal to do outfit posts. I am a nanny and have been working for the same three families for a long while now. It is awesome because I love the kiddos and I have extra time to work toward my big life goals... like starting my own preschool. But with this line of work it is easy for me to dress like a bum. :/ I typically wear yoga pants and some layered tops daily. Hair = mess. Make up = none. Not that I need to glam it up but I want to feel good.

Great picture Don't worry that's just play. I love to thrift clothes and have lots in my closet so I am going to be motivated to get some good outfits together and dress up a lil... even if it's just for a day at the park or coffee shop with kid in tow. :) :)

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